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Robo Autonomous Machine Control Solution

Robo Autonomous & Intelligent Machine Control System includes a variety of sensor packages, electronic components, artificial intelligence-based control software, and cloud system. It allows clients to easily upgrade their current equipment, such as bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, and dump trucks, into fully autonomous and intelligent robots to maximize operation productivity, reduce cost and improve safety.

Robo Autonomous Machine Demo at Trimble Dimensions 2018 Las Vegas

Robo autonomous machine control system (integrated with the Trimble Earthworks system) demonstrated many advanced capabilities and features at the Trimble Dimensions Event (2018) in Las Vegas.

Autonomous Machine Control in Actions.

Fully autonomous operations of dozing, grading and material spreading.

Autonomous Machine Control For Material Spreading

The system will automatically and dynamically scan the surroundings, identify the working objects, create a 3D environment map, and plan out the detailed tasks based on the machine characteristics, working object 3D information, job requirements, and surrounding conditions. During each task implementation, the system will continuously update the 3D surrounding map and readjust the remaining tasks with the real-time feedback while maintaining a highly productive load without leaving windrows or unnecessary reworks.

Top 10 Autonomous Construction and Mining Machines

We are on the list of the world top 10 autonomous construction and mining machines.