Software Engineer - Computer Vision and 3D Data Processing


Software interface / wrapper design and component integration with computer vision device (USB 3.0 stereo camera) and 3D Lidar by using C++, CLI and C#.

2D image data and 3D stereo image data (depth map or point cloud) processing with OpenCV / Emgu Cv (3.X).

3D point cloud data processing and visualization with OpenCV / Emgu CV and Helix Toolset in C# .NET.

Object profile extraction, position and volume estimation from 3D point cloud data.

Stereo camera point cloud data fusion with 3D scanning data from Lidar device.

Troubleshoot software related issues and support system field tests.


Bachelor’s degree (or above) in Software Engineering or Computer Science.

Proficient with C++, C++/CLI, and C# .NET programming and development.

Proficient with OpenCV / Emgu CV (3.X) development.

Proficient with computer vision, stereo imaging, point cloud data processing and 3D data fusion.

Proficient with visual studio IDE and CMake.

Experience with robotics, or other self-driving / unmanned vehicle or system design.

Handy, persistent, active and passionate.


Competitive salary and benefits.

Cutting-edge innovation and attractive projects.

Great opportunity for professional and career growth.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to: