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Autonomous Solutions

Disrupting the Way the Industry Works

Built For Productivity

ROBO is dedicated to building autonomous control solutions to transform the way the construction industry works. By upgrading off-the-shelf heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, excavators, and wheel loaders, with cutting-edge AI systems, ROBO’s technology enables construction machines to operate fully autonomously for higher productivity, lower cost, and better safety.

Autonomous Bulldozer

We support a variety of dozers from world-leading OEMs to deliver fully autonomous dozing, fine grading, material spreading, ground clearing, and many other operations. The system is compatible with existing 2D and 3D grade control products.

Autonomous Excavator

Our autonomous excavator solution delivers fully automatic excavating, trenching, truck loading, bench grading, and other essential operations accurately and efficiently. It supports the integration of available excavator 2D and 3D control systems.

Autonomous Wheel Loader

Jointly developed by Robo and DH Technologies, the natural gas-powered electric wheel loader provides fully autonomous material handling and truck loading operation with high productivity, clean emission, and groundbreaking efficiency.

Boost Productivity

Upgrade the machines into fully autonomous robots with plug-n-play designs to provide self-driving, automatic operation control, intelligent mission planning, reliable situational awareness, and other capabilities that can increase your productivity by 63%.

Reduce Cost

Deliver fully uncrewed operations with 24 hours of continuous operating capability, efficient fuel consumption, optimized task planning, job progress tracking, and other advantages that would save $65,450 per machine every year.

Ensure Safety

Offer a scalable and full range of safety coverage with reliable obstacle sense and avoidance, wireless emergency stop, geofence, heartbeat checking, machine health monitoring, and other advanced functions to ensure safe operations.


Productivity Improvement


Cost Reduction


Safety Enhancement

Built For Future

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Built For Your Job

Autonomous machines are intelligent tools, and we put these tools in your hands to get the job done quicker and safer. Let the robots do their work, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence and competitiveness.

    Dozers, excavators, wheel loaders

Easy Upgrade

OEM Integration with Scalability

      Object sense and avoid

Reliable Safety

Operate with Confidence

    One touch - Full automation

One-Touch Automation

Intelligent Planning & Control

Reinventing Construction

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